Best ways of preventing injuries when handling heavy Industrial materials

Actually, during the process of pipe and tube fabricating, there are so many risks that fabricators ignores. And today we’ll talk about how to keep ourselves safety.


In the past 25 years, people’s safety situation has developed deeply especially in manufacturing facilities. However, to our surprise, there are still a number of problems to be solved,for example, although those hot rolled round pipe are easy to move up, if you don’t use the correct and appropriate controls, it will still be dangerous. Pipe and tube facilities has been the symbol of the fabricating world on some extents, but it is obvious that there are still some big problems. Now let’s have a look to some examples and scenarios of tube and pipe about those companies how to solve these problems and attempt to tackle these varieties of safety problems.

Awareness of the danger of press brakes and stamping presses during the past decades, and people have develop deeply. Nowadays, the FORTUNE 500 companies pay more attention to the low workers’ compensation insurance modification. If you are more care about this point, you will have a better condition to win. Besides,  the technological improvements in the safeguarding devices and Mechanical Power Presses based on the Occupational Safety and Health Administration’s enforcement of CPL 2-1.24 National Emphasis Program are also the important considering points.

But as in the tube and pipe industry, it is different from that. Operational hazards similar to those in general fabricating  can be found in the tube and hot rolled round pipe pipe. But safeguarding devices are not be used or be ignored. For those who work in the producing or manufacturing to the tube and pipe, it is not obvious to that that danger. The operators are required to stay with those workers so they are in the same dangerous, based on company-established administrative safety measures and their own skills to prevent injury.

Unlike flat metal, tube and pipe is round and they don’t have burrs and sharp edges. When straight, their shapes allow gravity available to move them to the shop. Unfortunately, these parts are tough to stack, if it could, it will became a big problem of handling and storage.

Tube and pipe operators are inclined to work for a long time. As in any manufacturing scenario, safety enhancement is an important part to less the danger than the safe standard. Now I will introduce some information about how to reduce the operator risks with and the the risk analysis.  Also an investment in implementing the right safeguarding devices and improvements to the manufacturing processes.

  Scenario No. 1: The Gravity-fed Pipe Handling System

In this production facility, flat steel comes off a coil and is formed into pipe. It provide varieties of sizes, and the biggest is 40in,  in diameter trimmed into 60-ft. lengths and having a wall thickness of 0.625 in. It’s big and heavy stuff.

The black ERW round pipe production process is enclosed by mechanical barriers and fencing. If access, you only go through the closed door. For the most part, it has a protection to reduce the risk. But The pipe handling situation in the inspection area is another situation. It is a very dangerous process that two people is in a system that one rise up his hand, and other press the button to move the black ERW round pipe pipe.

If one just want to wave away a fly, and then press the button. Oh, it will be a big problem. Unfortunately, the gravity-fed system doesn’t come with instantaneous stop.

The best way for improvement is to make the inspection process be automatic. However, version system is expensive are less intuitive than our eyes.

To allow operators continue to working and reduce the risk, the company should implement the combination of engineered and monitored administrative. First, safety laser scanners should be put in place to make sure the area is clear what they are doing before the other one go into the next station. Second, we are add the other operating station so that we can seek what the other one is doing so as to reduce the risk.

Scenario No. 2: The Improperly Guarded Tube Bending Cell

Behind the horizontal tube bender, there is a safety laser scanner that when workers are in the working area, electronic floor mat will stop.

But it has been reprogrammed and the operator implies that it is the only way he can hold the part in place while clamping.  Once the tube is clamped, he then moves out of the working area and initiates the bending process. At the beginning, it just for reduce the risk.

Ironically, the most useful feature for the safety laser scanner is easy to reprogrammed to adjust the varieties of working area.

The key point of protecting workers is that all metal is just admired to adjust their fabricating activity. A safeguard should be easier to work than around.

Staying Productive and Safe

Compared with 10 years ago, the effect of safeguard to manufacturing process has decreased. Technical advancement and lean manufacturing process are beneficial to our safety and today’s manufactures can gain those to make operation safer ,effective and productive.

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