16 Best Percussion Massage Guns

If you’re willing to splash some cash on a massage gun that will deliver long-lasting effects, consider this serious bit of fitness kit. It claims to reach 60% deeper into muscle than average massagers, thanks to a hardcore 16mm amplitude. Incorporate yours into your warm-up routine to promote blood flow, focusing on each muscle group for 15 to 30 seconds. If your body feels tight while exercising, pause for another short massage to help force lactic acid and toxins out of your muscles.

In general, percussion therapy can best be compared to getting a massage from a massage therapist. Usually differing in consistency and rapid-thumping movements used to stimulate the patient’s muscles. The Shogun Massager Gun is the expertly-designed massage percussion device made to assist in your physical recovery. We understand, as athletes, we need to operate at our highest physical levels. This means we have to take care of our bodies and do as much as possible to avoid inquiry. For the days when your muscles are feeling tight, relieve the tension with this top-rated massage gun!

While the technology has come a long way, compact brushless motors and high capacity lithium batteries still have a potential to burn out or fail after heavy use. Alternatively, not all of the units on the market are particularly durable and therefore drop resistant, so clanking your massager onto the floor could potentially damage it. While we recommend springing for a higher quality option, we understand not everyone has the budget to spend $250+ on a massage device. If you live in a household that’s frequently trading massages around, this style of massager will be an instant crowd favorite. A higher amplitude is capable of deeper muscle treatment, while lower amplitudes are limited to surface muscle treatment. Percussion massage therapy is a somewhat new to the scene treatment style that’s still not yet well understood by most of us.

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You must have heard from your doctor that instant icing immediately after an injury reduces inflammation so cold works in the same way to treat shin splints. The Hirix was the easiest to make stall, the Theragun the hardest. But all three require pressure I can’t imagine using in any muscle-massaging scenario. While they motor tones are quite different, the noise levels of the cheapest massager are very similar to the Theragun’s. You can’t save presets to the device, and most of us are interested in logging our exercise sessions, not our recovery ones. Its range of motion is still far greater than a regular massager not designed for sports use.

Unlike many other inexpensive massage guns, Medcursor Mini has six attachment heads. Other features like noise and 2.2 lbs weight are useful but are not extraordinary. Unlike the first two massage guns on the list, Medcursor mini not only provides strong percussion but some advanced features as well. Medcursor Mini is currently among the ‘best value for money’ massage guns.

It delivers some of the strongest, deepest percussions on the market, delivering 60 pounds of force in each 16mm punch to penetrate the tissues that even the best masseuses may not reach. It’s so strong that Theragun suggests a max of two minutes on each area. Percussive therapy is the name of the game, and it’s a more professional term for “your muscles like it rough.” A lot of other massage guns out there, including leading brands, tend to sound like jackhammers when you use them.

Theragun delivered a major upgrade to regular handheld massagers with more precise, concentrated functionality. They consist of a ball head that rapidly massages your muscles in what’s called percussive therapy (don’t worry, it doesn’t hurt), but sometimes utilizes a rubbing motion as well. When it comes to massage speeds, it only has nine different speeds. This is still a good number because I was able to find my preferred speed from those nine choices.

So, consider the noise level as well if you’re going to use a gun in an enclosed room or gym. Speaking of which, massage guns usually have variable speed and power settings. And, naturally, units with multiple speed/power options are more adaptable to your body. Everyone’s pain tolerance differs but everyone can benefit from a massager with at least three settings. Best of all, the Legiral Le3 therapy device stays relatively quiet at any speed setting.