Heated Roof Systems

The solar modules are supported by an innovative space frame structure to allow for wide spans using fewer columns. At Crystalia Glass, we are committed to helping you achieve your home improvement goals. We understand that adding a glass system to your home can be a big expense. That’s why we work with you to custom design a product that fits your needs and your budget. Each Crystalia Glass system is custom-designed, making the cost of each project vary. Crystalia Glass always recommend you involve an architect in your plans for any major building or extension works.

Englert’s curved metal roofing systems provide the opportunity to incorporate the superior aesthetics of a curved metal design. We offer two curved metal roof systems designed to accommodate curved roofs, arched canopies, and walkway covers. Producing an astounding 20.6 IEER and 95% energy savings above ASHRAE’s 90.1 standard, Rebel generates efficiencies previously unachievable in a commercial rooftop system. Daikin Maverick® I commercial packaged rooftop systems are ideal for one to three-story buildings including offices, schools, libraries and strip malls. They combine the lower installation costs and interior space savings of a roof-mounted system with the operating and maintenance efficiencies of central heating and cooling systems. One of reasons rooftop solar projects are so cost-effective is that they incorporate the existing building structure and electrical system into the plan.

Rainfall of less than 1/2 inch can overload the system and result in untreated discharges. The use of sustainable green infrastructure, like blue roofs, to reduce storm-water inputs to the combined system is one of many approaches New York City is considering to help solve this problem. We have been practicing engineering since 1965 and have been providing roof consulting engineering services since 1982. Want to see what your home or building will look like with one of our standing seam metal roofs?

Polyisocyanurate insulation is inherently more fire-resistant than polystyrene insulation. It always comes with facers, which are thin sheets on both faces of the insulation, because facers are necessary in the production process. Note that the foam insulation can compress and facers can delaminate when subjected to heavy traffic, therefore a cover board is always recommended. Also, facers act as vapor retarders, which may or my not be desirable. Rigid, or Board-stock insulation, typically has sufficient compressive strength to support the roof membrane and the loads placed upon it.

High Efficiency Free Cooling Rooftop Packaged Unit Made in China

Low slope roofing is sometimes accomplished by using a Plaza Deck or an Extensive Vegetative Roofs. Vapor retarders are materials with a perm rating of 0.1 or less and are typically sheet materials such as 6-mil polyethylene, a two-ply built-up membrane or a one-ply modified bitumen sheet. Housewrap should not be used for a vapor retarder because it has inadequate vapor flow resistance.

Blue Oak was able to provide valuable guidance on how to adapt the arrays to complicated architecture , and our use of 3D modeling software clearly and quickly conveyed to the team various design options. This installation was part of a larger renovation project at the complex at the U. S. Marine Corps Air Ground Combat Center and required close collaboration with all parties involved.

Many of the potential problems a flat roof may attract – such as water pooling, leakage and resulting rot or damage – are due to poor installation or poor maintenance. Pay careful attention to the roof at the construction phase and throughout its lifecycle to help prevent these problems in the first place. Keep in mind, all flat roofs have a slope of between five and 15 degrees to allow water to flow into drain systems . Any typical mall, warehouse, apartment building or school usually features a flat roof. This roof type is easier to install over large surfaces and is the most common choice for commercial, industrial and institutional buildings.

Blue Oak Energy is the turnkey solar installer for REI’s ambitious national multi-site solar initiative. We completed the engineering, procurement, and construction for 20 stores across seven states, which were selected based on multiple feasibility studies we performed for REI. Depending on any given location, a solar-equipped store will generate between 10 and 100 percent of its own electricity. The first round of this work started in 2008 with a total of seven stores and 675kW installed in California. The success from this initial program continues to lead to further feasibility studies and analysis with REI on their stores across the US. As of December 2009, this was the largest rooftop PV system in the United States.

It combines the efficiency, speed, and economy of steel systems construction with the aesthetic performance of a membrane roof system. When you need reliable, long-lasting performance that is both aesthetically and architecturally pleasing, our metal roof systems offer the flexibility your commercial project needs. From groundbreaking offices to intensive sports facilities, our steel roof systems meet the highest sustainability and performance standards.

This combined sewer overflow, or CSO, can flow into local sensitive receptors, like streams, ponds and oceans, contaminating the natural resources and killing fish and other wildlife dependent on them. Blue-roof trays are held in place with stone ballast and hold up to 2 inches of water. The tray systems resulted in a 45 percent reduction in roof runoff during rainfall events in a New York pilot project. Englert is one of the few single-source metal roofing manufacturers with an in-house paint line.

The term “percent reduction in runoff” while widely used, seems to misrepresent the benefit. “Percent reduction” would conclude ten 1/8″ rain events absorbed 100% of the rainfall. What if we rated systems by their total rainfall capacity in a one hour event? The danger to urban sewers is not nearly as great with the first 1/2″ of rainfall as it is with the 1/2″ rainfall after saturation.

nVent CADDY Pyramid rooftop supports incorporate unique materials and finishes that protect roof membranes and provide superior corrosion protection. For flat roofing systems, which use composite or single-ply membranes, the solar developer will likely use a tilted racking system. These are not ballasted, and will require some penetration of the roof. Golden 1 Center is a multi-purpose indoor arena and the home of the Sacramento Kings professional NBA basketball team. This 708kW rooftop solar electric system was installed during the arena’s original construction in 2016. This solar facility reduces the building’s electrical energy import from the SMUD utility grid.